4 ways to make your Rooms extra Romantic For Valentine’s Weekend

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4 ways to make your Rooms extra Romantic For Valentine’s Weekend

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As the couples start filtering in, going that extra mile to make everything beautifully romantic for your doe eyed guests is important.

Here are 4 ways to make your rooms irresistible…


One of the most inexpensive and effective ways to transform a room is through good lighting. Warm subtle light, which can be created by a lantern, bedside lamp, or candles, creates a beautifully romantic ambiance. If a room is lit the right way, everyone looks their best and feels relaxed and comfortable.

Bedroom lighting


The sense of smell plays a much bigger role on our moods and emotions than one might think. Certain scents can evoke strong emotional reactions. For a romantic and calm environment, be sure to provide pure aromatherapy candles or incense sticks, of vanilla, sandalwood or rose.

Scent sticks


Time to break out the golden oldies love songs”. The sound of certain music can dramatically alter the state of a person’s mood. Allow your guests to create a romantic atmosphere by having a handful of music options available. (In case they didn’t bring their own).

Love cassette tape


The way to anyone’s heart is through their belly! This we know is true. Provide your guests with a romantic candle lit dinner for two” option, or a romantic picnic basket which they can enjoy alone in their room. Ensure their basket is packet with yummy goodness like cheese, crackers, chocolate coated strawberries, chocolate truffles and wine or champagne.

Romantic dinner