A Booking System to suit YOU!

A Booking System to suit YOU

A Booking System to suit YOU!

Tired of a one package fits all” scenario?

At Booksure, we realise that each establishment has a different way of running their business, which is why we give our members choices.

Why pay for functionality that you don’t use?

  • Choose which payment methods to offer your guests – Credit Card, PayPal and MonsterPay (including EFT payments).
  • Choose the free Cabin’ membership package or pay the low monthly fee of R171 for the Studio’ package and enjoy a few more benefits.
  • Choose how you wish to receive your bookings – receive enquiries from your guest and respond with quotes, receive instantaneous confirmed real-​time bookings, choose the 24hour authorization method where you give yourself 24 hours to confirm or decline a real-​time booking, or choose a combination of booking methods.

Visit booksure​.com for more information or contact us on 0861 115 138 or email us at support@​booksure.​com.

A booking system that fits your needs