Get More Bookings with Real-​time

Get More Bookings with Real-time

Get More Bookings with Real-​time

People are constantly looking for new ways to book which are fast and convenient.

Why not give your guests the opportunity to do just that!

With Real-​time, guests can view your availability, confirm their booking and make payment right there and then.

Real-time bookings

Research shows that most travellers prefer their booking process to be streamlined and instant, without having to wait for a response from an establishment.

Furthermore, in your redesigned Booksure system, you are able to select the number of rooms that you would like to make available to Online Distribution. So if this whole Real-​time thing makes you a little nervous, why not only make 2 of your 6 double rooms available?

If you are still sceptical about switching to Real-​time, Booksure offers a 24 hour authorisation option, which gives you a period of 24 hours to accept or decline such Real time bookings.