How To Increase Direct Bookings – A Free Series For The Accommodation Owner Seeking More Profit

How To Increase Direct Bookings

How To Increase Direct Bookings – A Free Series For The Accommodation Owner Seeking More Profit

This article forms part of a series teaching you how to increase direct bookings. If you run a B&B, guest house or hotel, this is for you. Sign up for the free newsletter.

Attention B&B, guest house and hotel owner…

Every time you set up a profile on an OTA’s site, you’re helping build someone else’s brand.

Work that could have gone into building your own presence on the web goes into strengthening someone else’s business.

That’s sad.

Here’s why:

When you create a profile on an OTA’s website, you’re giving Google a reason to rank that OTA in natural search engine results whenever someone searches for your establishment in your location.

Furthermore, you’re giving individuals looking for accommodation in your region a reason to share that info to their social pages, granting the OTA more exposure.

It all starts snowballing. The OTA never stops marketing from their side, but now they receive an extra arm of marketing that costs them nothing. (Never mind the fact that you’re paying commission fees on bookings.)

You’re making it difficult for yourself to compete against that OTA. You’re not just shooting yourself in the foot; you’re handing your gun to the enemy and poking him in the eye with your big toe.

This can be likened to a decision to not eat healthily because healthy food is too expensive”.

What you’re not taking into account are the hidden costs of not eating correctly; the long term negative effects you know nothing of now but bring great regret later on.

Such it is with the accommodation owner who spurns building his own brand in favour of a quick fix booking solution.

The delectable (dare I say deceptive?) nectar of a quick booking fix seizes his tastebuds and he’s hooked on the immediate high.

There go his plans to increase direct bookings. His profits grow wings and fly off into the sunset.

Don’t be that accommodation owner.

Spend time building your own brand.

A change is coming. Hopefully.

For a time, it seems, accommodation owners were content to pay OTA commissions.

However, there’s been a movement lately indicating that people are keen to keep profits in their own pockets by trying to increase direct bookings.

This is a great victory for common sense!

Large hotel chains have started seeing the benefits of driving direct bookings over paying exorbitant commissions to OTAs.

Can the Little Man benefit?

But is it possible for small accommodation establishments to drive more direct bookings, or are they doomed to pay outrageous commissions for the rest of their existence?

It is possible. It is absolutely possible for the small accommodation establishment to increase direct bookings significantly.

And it’s not just possible, it’s worth it too.

Every effort you put into building your own brand works in your favour; works to bring you long-​term success.

But how do you as a small accommodation establishment owner build brand?

Surely it’s something reserved for large corporations with budgets that rival the US’s debt.

Actually, no.

I’ll show you how

Over the course of this year I’ll be sharing valuable online marketing information. Every week I’ll post a FREE article that’ll help you increase direct bookings.

If you follow my advice closely you’ll see a significant increase in direct bookings, which translates to more profit.

It’s in your interest to sign up for the free newsletter. You’ll be receiving premium information, FREE OF CHARGE.

Follow along as I reveal how you can optimise building your brand online and reap the benefits of direct bookings.

It’ll take effort and some spending on your side, but it’ll be worth it.

What you get

To give you a taste, here’s some of what I’ll share:

  • How to have a website that works.
  • Which aspects of SEO you need to know and how to implement them.
  • How to use AdWords to get maximum clicks at minimum cost (a personal favourite).
  • How to use social media correctly.
  • How to get attention through paid social media advertising.

As you can see, this series will be jam packed with ideas you can make your own. I wanted to put it all into one post, but creating the index for the articles got out of hand (I estimated 30,000 plus words), so I decided to break them into edible pieces.

I’m convinced you’ll love what I have to tell you.

And at this price it can’t be beat. Absolutely free. All you need to do is sign up.

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