New Release of Booksure is here !

Celebration fireworks

New Release of Booksure is here !

We are very happy to announce that the new release of Booksure is here.

We want to thank everyone for their recommendations and suggestions. We look forward to introducing many more enhancements over the next few months. Below is a summary of what has been included in the new release.

Booksure Extreme Makeover

Booksure has been given a fresh new look.

Social Media Presence

Our guests and guesthouses alike will be kept up to date via Facebook & Twitter Feeds. Read some great articles on our blog and take part in the many holiday themes that will be introduced.

Enhanced Search Functionality

There have been vast improvements made to the Booksure search functionality making the usability far more efficient. Search Engine Optimization Improvements have been made to the Search Engine Optimization which will see more traffic through the Booksure site resulting in increased bookings for our members.


Plot your establishment on a map to help your guests find you.


Advertising of events in your neighbourhood resulting in increased traffic to your Booksure page should guests be searching on the event.

Featured Establishments on the Booksure homepage

The homepage now has a rotating banner featuring different Establishments. The display order of the featured establishment is random, however each establishment has a weight” assigned that will influence the frequency of display.

3D Secure

Booksure participates in the Verified by VISA /​ MasterCard SecureCode worldwide anti-​fraud program known as 3-​D Secure. If a credit card is enrolled in this program, the Client Selected PIN number (CSP) is required to complete the payment. The 3D secure functionality will be rolled-​out to Establishments over the next few months. Guests can shop more safely and Establishments can avoid chargebacks resulting from I didn’t do it” claims.

Guest Reviews

Your guest reviews will be visible on our site, no longer hidden in a book in the entrance hall.

Real Time

Real time bookings are now supported! Choose between enquiry only, realtime only or a combination of both. No need to synch up your bookings with other 3rd party software. No additional cost for realtime, all available through the same Booksure engine.

Online User Manual

Each Booksure procedure has been documented and explained using actual screen casts with verbal instructions.